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During the course of my 15 years as a breeder in the United States, I’ve had countless calls from people researching the breed and one of the most common questions I am asked is “Is having my dog appraised really necessary?” If you have chosen to purchase a pet quality dog then you have chosen to add a much loved pet to the family and the idea of a breeding program is not in the dogs future however; if you decide to purchase a breeding quality dog with plans or the possibility of breeding in the future, the appraisal score is extremely important. In fact, it is absolutely necessary.   This page will post upcomming Appraisal Dates, locations, etc. as well as any other information regarding Boerboel Appraisals you should be aware of. 

NABBA USA & Canada 2013 Appraisal Date:  Aug 27 - Sept 8   

Proffers Kennel will host the Appraisal Venue for the Missouri & SurroundingTri-State area on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 beginning at 9:00 AM.  Please visit the NABBA website for a full list of Appraisal Venues, dates and times   We encourage EVERYONE to pre-register as this enables you to pay a reduced fee by credit card verses full price by cash the day of the appraisal.

SABT  USA 2013 Appraisal Date:                    Unknown

BI USA 2013 Appraisal Date:                           Unknown  

Important; Please Read the Following:

For many years SABT was the only Boerboel organization that offered proper services to the USA ie Litter Registrations, Birth Certificates, Appraisal Tours, Regestries, etc.  In 2008, with a promise to offer these same services in a more time efficient manner and with no regard for politics, a new organization was founded; Boerboel International (BI).  From it's founding in 2008 - to date, BI has only provided two (2) USA Appraisal Tours. As you can clearly see, the services offered/rendered left those of us in the USA and Canada sorely lacking.

Although still considered a Rare Breed, the vast increase in Boerboel breeders and owners in North America has reached a point where we can no longer be best served by organizations that are based outside the country. Countless breeders recognized the growing need for a USA based organization and with much thought and a willingness to commit, NABBA was founded.  We have a full database, fully elected Board, the ability to provide member services that have never before been made available and of equal importance, we too will bring in Senior Appraisers from South Africa! Also offered are Seminars and Courses conducted by licensed professionals; ie Veterinarians, Reproductive Specialists, Breeder & Appraisal Courses, and many, many more!

We strongly support NABBA and encourage you to do so as well.  Please visit the website for a much more extensive look at all the services you (as a member) will receive:  email:

Proffer's Kennel   HC64 Box 4660   Marble Hill, MO  63764   (573) 238-3470

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