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"I would first like to thank you for all your help (and availability) with our purchase of Leeloo. This is my first experience buying from a breeder, and Zach and my first experience with a Boerboel (we have adopted all of our dogs previously). You have set the bar very high! I hope that other people have this good of an experience when buying their puppies.

Thank you for letting Zach and I come see the kennel and your dogs first before we decided to buy her. This meant a lot to us and really put us at ease knowing Leeloo was having such a great start to her life!  All of my phone calls with questions before and after we picked her up were always returned in a very timely manner, and Lord knows I had a few!  Thank you again!"

M. Myer; Tennessee

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Spitsvuur Maja 8

Our beautiful Spitsvuur Maja 8 came to us from Terry Allen of Allen's Virginia Boerboels.  Born June 28, 2010, sje is out of Spitsvuur Maja (91.5%) and Spitsvuur Uil (91.6%)

Maja scored 90.4% SABT
Registered: AKC-FFS, SABT, USBA, ARBA.  PennHIP 80%ile with no DJD & Elbows certified OFA Normal

Maja 8 weighs 127 lbs and is 24.5" tall.  National and International Champion