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"I'd like to start by saying I'm 64 years old and have had dogs of different breeds most all my life.  In all those years I have NEVER seen an operation as professional as Proffers'.  From my very first call to the moment I stepped out his door to an immediate overview of his kennels, it is simply quality unsurpassed.

I'm glad to pass on a little of the 64 years "young" wisdom to anyone interested in Boerboels; call all the breeders you want THEN call Proffers'.  The difference speaks for itself."

J. Moody; California

Retired Dog Program

Now and again Randy will have to retire a dog from his breeding program. This can happen for a variety of reasons; the dog is becoming to old to breed, the dog has become sterile, perhaps it just doesn’t appear to thrive in the kennel environment. For reasons like this, it becomes necessary for Randy to retire the dog. These dogs are otherwise healthy and deserve a loving home environment. This is always a difficult decision as these dogs have earned a special place in our hearts and letting them go is never easy.

Randy encourages people to consider a retired dog when looking for a pet Boerboel as they have so much to offer. Leaving a kennel and becoming part of a family means the dog will receive so much more individual attention and in turn, the dog will bring you love, loyalty and much joy not to mention the protection a Boerboel is genetically inclined to.

*Randy does have specific requirements of persons considering this program so please call for information: 573-238-3470

September 2015 ----Mighty Tango:     We have placed our beautiful brindle Tango into retirement.  Born Sept 2, 2008 she is now 7 yrs old. Tango can not be around other dogs as she is other dog aggressive and would do best with a single person who can devote time and attention to her. She is a very loving and extremely loyal girl who does her best to be a lap dog!  You can see pictures of Tango in the female Photo Gallery although those pics DO NOT do her justice as they were taken when she was much younger and not fully developed.