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Appraisal System

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During the course of my 17 years as a breeder in the United States, I’ve had countless calls from people researching the breed and one of the most common questions I am asked is “Is having my dog appraised really necessary?” If you have chosen to purchase a pet quality dog then you have chosen to add a much loved pet to the family and the idea of a breeding program is not in the dogs future however; if you decide to purchase a breeding quality dog with plans or the possibility of breeding in the future, the appraisal score is extremely important. In fact, it is absolutely necessary. This page will post upcoming Appraisal Dates, locations, etc. as well as any other information regarding Boerboel Appraisals you should be aware of.

SABBS USA 2015 Fall Appraisal Date: To Be Announced

Important; Please Read the Following:

For your dog to be appraised, you MUST belong to an organization that provides appraisal services (events with actual South African Senior Appraisers coming to the US and appraising your dog)

You’ll find there are different organizations you can chose to become a member of; but I personally only recognize (and register) my dogs & puppies through; South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS)

SABBS is the evolved SABT; which is the mother of all boerboel organizations. They are the “top of the ladder” and you can go no higher than this organization. Any true and reputable boerboel breeder is going to belong to them. They not only offer member services unsurpassed, but they also require DNA profiling on every single dog registered with them to ensure you aren’t getting some monstrous (illegal, unethical but sadly it happens) outcrosses. With SABBS, your dogs aren’t only registered with the organization, but with the South African government, too! Your dog’s become a part of Stud Book, which is the absolute top of all boerboel registries. I would be happy to talk with you about membership or you may contact:

Ann Steffler;
USA SABBS Contact Person
Phone: 480-650-4406


  1. Go to www.sabbs.org
  2. click on About SABBS a dropdown menu will appear
  3. click on Membership.
  4. On the right of the Membership page will be a Download of Membership Application and Prefix Application
  5. You will need to download the Application for North America & Canada
  6. If you are a breeder you will also need to download the Application for Prefix (Stud/Kennel Name)

****SABBS will Accept NABBA Appraisal Scores from Johan Blomerus and Mary Ann Copplemann as these are SABBS appraisers****

Simply download the forms, print them, fill them out, scan the completed copy and email the completed forms to office@sabbs.org Attn: Marisa Nel

For your convenience, all Proffer puppies will come with this Application Form completed for you as well as the option to have your puppy’s ISAG DNA Profile completed.

Now, you are likely to hear that I was in fact, part of another organization; NABBA. In 2013 the idea of a North American organization cropped up when a former SABT rep that resigned (interesting story) contacted me and asked me to be the first sitting president of; North American Boerboel Breeders Association (NABBA) I was honored, however; what I did NOT know was she had already personally selected three breeding partners to fill the board seats. It didn’t take me long to see I was expected to be nothing more than a reputable name to lure in members, having no say whatsoever in some very questionable ethics and practices. In short, I was expected to be a “yes” man. As president of this newly founded organization that suddenly had thousands of dollars flowing into it, I thought it to be extremely important that itemized financial income/expense reports be produced yet after numerous requests, I was never given one! I would also raise the red flag that this very same person was holding both the office of secretary and treasurer as well as the ONLY one in the organization with the ability to access the database. I thought it imperative that we have someone trained and able to smoothly continue services in the event something unforeseen happened. I would also request and finally demand appraisal tour itineraries because I wanted some way to see how much money was being spent on airline flights, who was being paid to go and how many nights lodging was being paid for, etc. What I would receive was a very curt “you have received the very same venue schedule that everyone else has.” I WASN’T ASKING FOR A VENUE SCHEDULE; I wanted numbers! It became apparent the entire organization was being controlled by one person. I, with the input of other concerned board members put together a proposal of suggestions that would have addressed countless concerns, and at that time had the support of half the board however; with some tears and a “poor me” story, all but one decided to leave things stand as they were because they just didn’t want anyone’s feelings hurt. This should have never been about “feelings”; every business, company, organization or government knows you don’t operate on “feelings”; this was for the betterment and ensured growth of the newly formed organization promising to be worthy of it’s trusting members placing their dogs and dollars in. At that point, I was told “I wasn’t a team player” and the “board” removed me as president. Could they remove me? Sure. Could they control what I said? Never! All this was cleverly orchestrated just PRIOR to the following month’s election to ensure that I could not remain president as the result of a members majority vote. What’s more, we still receive phone calls from NABBA members wanting to know when was the election of the new president held? I tell them the truth; I suspect there was no election, but a carefully selected (breeding partner) was appointed. It is my genuine hope, for the sake of all those I mistakenly persuaded to join this organization, that there have been some much needed changes. It is even a higher hope you accept my personal apology for endorsing what ended up being a cheap imitation of a true boerboel organization. Believe me when I say, I was the first fool.

Now I work equally hard using my name, years of experience and reputation to educate the public and help them make an informed decision in order to avoid making the same mistake I did.

Trust me when I say from experience, SABBS is the only accredited organization worth your investing your name, time, money and dogs to.