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In The Beginning

The History of Proffers Kennel

During his 25 year career with Proctor and Gamble, Randy always found time to dedicate to his love of dogs. Randy attributes his fascination with dogs to his grandfather, Early Proffer who was famous in the surrounding states for his breeding program of Foxhounds/coyote dogs. Over his lifetime, he won over 300 trophies in Performance and Bench.

Throughout Randys’ career and at various times, he began individual breeding programs with Miniature Beagles, German Bred Boxers and Parsons Jack Russell Terriers. Although he enjoyed these breeds and took great pride in his programs, he found himself increasingly dissatisfied with the smaller dogs and eventually stepped out of breeding.

As the years passed his interest in dogs remained until eventually he made the decision to research large breed dogs “just to see” if one piqued his interest. Months passed and although he enjoyed learning about several individual breeds none of the “stood out” until that is, he saw his very first South African Boerboel. He researched everything possible about this rare and wonderful breed and when he had learned all he possibly could he began contacting established breeders in South Africa. I personally think the moment he booked his first flight his decision was made.

During his stay in South Africa he visited numerous breeders and in fact personally selected his initial breeding stock of 7. That was in 1999. Since that time, Randy personally built what many have called the most elaborate kennels ever seen (see pictures) and has since made a return trip to South Africa.

Randy is truly a pioneer of the South African Boerboel here in the United States being one of only 3 initial breeders. He is often referred to as “the breeders breeder” as his stock has helped many of the newer Boerboel kennels begin their breeding programs.

His commitment to the Boerboel is unwavering as is his dedication to assisting South Africa establish a true standard for the breed with the valuable information being fed into the first ever databank using actual and precise measurements of the dogs created by Boerboel International.