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J. Snyder; Phoenix, AZ

“After reading other peoples reviews on google and their website, it’s hard to come up with something that hasn’t already been said about how wonderful Randy and Robin are and how great their kennel and dogs are.

About 7 years ago we lost our Bull Mastiff to cancer.  I began looking for another dog and by accident stumbled onto the Boerboel breed.  After reading everything I could find about the breed, I began contacting breeders.  All of the breeders I contacted up until Randy wanted my money first for a deposit and then told us to wait and if they didn’t get the color or sex of the puppy I was looking for I would have to wait and they would keep the deposit until then.  After contacting abut a dozen breeders, I called Proffers’.  On the first call Randy talked to me for an hour.  I could tell in that first conversation he was a genuine person and truly cared about his dogs and wouldn’t let one go to just anyone.  He asked about our home, our yard, the ages of our children and my experience with large breed dogs.  The thing that really stuck out on that first conversation is that he asked me when doing my research, to ask other breeders if they are licensed/registered with their state and that was something no-one had mentioned to me before.  Needless to say, I was impressed!  From that point on, I knew I wanted a Proffer pup.  When I asked about putting a deposit down, he told me no!!!  He told me if I wanted one of his dogs, to call on specific dates for a litter that was due.  I waited and made my calls, I think it’s his way knowing I wanted one of his pups.

Throughout the entire process and until we got our boy, Randy and Robin sent us pictures as he was developing.  All along the way whenever we had a question and called, they have always taken our calls and been extremely helpful and the conversations are never rushed.  Over the years Randy and Robin have been like an extended family.  We’ve sent them pictures of our boy Cain growing up and can say he is the best dog I/we have ever had.

If you want a quality puppy and have the patience to wait, then I encourage everyone reading this, they will not be sorry for going with a Proffer’s Kennel puppy.  Randy and Robin are wonderful people and I recommend them and their kennel 100%.”