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comes first

S. & J. Hageman; Las Vegas, NV

“It’s hard for me to add anything new to what’s already been said.  Randy and Robin are the most amazing breeders in this Boerboel world.  Their dedication, knowledge of the breed and integrity are unsurpassed.  My first call to Randy lasted an hour and a half and I was so impressed with his obvious love for the breed and the impeccable standards that he holds his kennels to.  He holds potential adoptees to the same high standards.  I appreciated the thoroughness of his questions to my qualifications as an owner.  We asked each other a hundred questions and his patience with me was commendable.  I knew it would be a long process before we received our pip and over many phone calls I received many suggestions and valuable education.  When our pup was chosen for us, Robin kept us updated weekly with photos and all the information we could possibly need to welcome our boy home.

We could not be happier with our boy, Bosco.  He’s an amazing dog, happy, healthy and a wonderful example of the breed.  We still send photos and check in and after four years if we have a question, we are still welcomed as if we were family. Robin will always be Bosco’s “Missouri Mommy.”  If you are looking for a quality Boerboel, do your research, call around, then call Randy Proffer; you won’t have to go any further!”