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H. Denos; Franklin, TN

“I have studied the Boerboel breed for over 19 years & Proffer’s Kennel has always been the gold standard for Boerboel breeders.  Randy is one of the original Boerboel breeders in the united States with a vast breed knowledge and very honest business practices.  Randy and Robin are wonderful people that care about the betterment of the breed and not just making a quick buck.  We received a high quality, healthy dog from Proffer’s Kennel.  Randy ALWAYS makes himself available to take our calls to help woith breed questions (even 2 years after we purchased the dog). One cannot go wrong getting a Boerboel from Proffer’s Kennel; they are simply the best!”

S. & J. Hageman; Las Vegas, NV

“It’s hard for me to add anything new to what’s already been said.  Randy and Robin are the most amazing breeders in this Boerboel world.  Their dedication, knowledge of the breed and integrity are unsurpassed.  My first call to Randy lasted an hour and a half and I was so impressed with his obvious love for the breed and the impeccable standards that he holds his kennels to.  He holds potential adoptees to the same high standards.  I appreciated the thoroughness of his questions to my qualifications as an owner.  We asked each other a hundred questions and his patience with me was commendable.  I knew it would be a long process before we received our pip and over many phone calls I received many suggestions and valuable education.  When our pup was chosen for us, Robin kept us updated weekly with photos and all the information we could possibly need to welcome our boy home. We could not be happier with our boy, Bosco.  He’s an amazing dog, happy, healthy and a wonderful example of the breed.  We still send photos and check in and after four years if we have a question, we are still welcomed as if we were family. Robin will always be Bosco’s “Missouri Mommy.”  If you are looking for a quality Boerboel, do your research, call around, then call Randy Proffer; you won’t have to go any further!”

J. Snyder; Phoenix, AZ

“After reading other peoples reviews on google and their website, it’s hard to come up with something that hasn’t already been said about how wonderful Randy and Robin are and how great their kennel and dogs are. About 7 years ago we lost our Bull Mastiff to cancer.  I began looking for another dog and by accident stumbled onto the Boerboel breed.  After reading everything I could find about the breed, I began contacting breeders.  All of the breeders I contacted up until Randy wanted my money first for a deposit and then told us to wait and if they didn’t get the color or sex of the puppy I was looking for I would have to wait and they would keep the deposit until then.  After contacting abut a dozen breeders, I called Proffers’.  On the first call Randy talked to me for an hour.  I could tell in that first conversation he was a genuine person and truly cared about his dogs and wouldn’t let one go to just anyone.  He asked about our home, our yard, the ages of our children and my experience with large breed dogs.  The thing that really stuck out on that first conversation is that he asked me when doing my research, to ask other breeders if they are licensed/registered with their state and that was something no-one had mentioned to me before.  Needless to say, I was impressed!  From that point on, I knew I wanted a Proffer pup.  When I asked about putting a deposit down, he told me no!!!  He told me if I wanted one of his dogs, to call on specific dates for a litter that was due.  I waited and made my calls, I think it’s his way knowing I wanted one of his pups. Throughout the entire process and until we got our boy, Randy and Robin sent us pictures as he was developing.  All along the way whenever we had a question and called, they have always taken our calls and been extremely helpful and the conversations are never rushed.  Over the years Randy and Robin have been like an extended family.  We’ve sent them pictures of our boy Cain growing up and can say he is the best dog I/we have ever had. If you want a quality puppy and have the patience to wait, then I encourage everyone reading this, they will not be sorry for going with a Proffer’s Kennel puppy.  Randy and Robin are wonderful people and I recommend them and their kennel 100%.”

M. Rodriguez; California

“I was invited to the Proffer’s home and kennels in November of 2018.  Randy and Robin are absolutely amazing and wonderful!  We were welcomed into their home and felt like we belonged.  I am honored to consider them family now.  Their knowledge and love of the breed could not be greater.  They are open to all your questions and concerns and give you direct and honest answers.  They love sharing their stories about themselves and the breed.  Getting to know you helps them decide if and which of their precious pups will fit into your family.  You become family when you are chosen to adopt one of their fur-babies.  We couldn’t be more honored to be part of that family.”

D & S Terry; Arizona

“We recently had the pleasure of purchasing a Boerboel puppy from Randy and Robn Proffer of Proffer’s Kennel in May, 2019.  We had picked the name Beauty before actually meeting our puppy; and not only did the name fit but it was clearly a match made from heaven. Randy and Robin love their dogs tremendously and are clearly experts on the African Mastiff breed.  It was well worth the trip from Arizona to pick up our puppy from the Proffers’.  Randy gave us a tour and it was a blessing to see and meet all their incredible dogs.”

D. Cox; Illinois

“My wife and I could not be happier with the Boerboel puppy that we got from Randy and Robin.  I could tell how passionate Randy is for the breed from the first time we spoke on the phone.  He was always willing to take our calls and answer any questions we had, he even made tome for us to come and visit his facility and spent a good part of his Saturday afternoon giving us a tour and chatting about his experiences with Boerboels. Their facility is top notch and definitely worth a visit!  His dogs are all very happy, healthy, had impressive pedigrees and were obviously very well cared for.  It was especially nice to get to see and meet the parents of our puppy before we Randy and Robin did a great job keeping us up to date on our puppy;s development.  We got weekly updates complete with pictures and they were very helpful in making sure we had everything we needed so the puppy’s transition to our home wouold be as smooth as possible. When the day came to take our puppy home, Randy and Robin again made time for us!  They had prepared a wonderful welcome packet for us and she and Randy explained in great detail everything we needed to know about our puppy’s development. Now we are the proud owners of a beautiful Boerboel male and could not be happier with the help and support we have received.  I strongly recommend that anybody who is interested in this breed consider choosing Randy and Proffer’s Kennel as their breeder.”

H. Bowen; Missouri

“We have had the pleasure of receiving 3 loving dogs from Randy’s Retired Dog Program. Frost (our favorite) Snow and Dillinger. All of these dogs blended into our family just as if they always belonged. Randy’s training and diligent work with his dogs ensured the transition from his kennel to our home was an easy one.”

T. Ortiz; Colorado

“Randy is an honest and straightforward breeder to do business with, and the shipping of my puppy went very smoothly and in a timely manner. He arrived very healthy with his first round of shots, and a month supply of Heartgard (and Frontline). I couldn’t be happier with my Boerboel puppy, and would do business with Proffer’s Kennel again. Robin has also been of great assistance to me; always interested in how Bruiser is adjusting to his new environment and making sure everything is going well.”

A. Muldock; Georgia

“I bought my first Boerboel pup in 2003 from a slick talkin’ breeder who convinced me his dogs were the biggest and best and heck, for ‘just a couple hundred dollars more I could even get the pick of the litter’! Long story short; BIG MISTAKE! My pick of the litter had more problems than I can remember, and my breeder? Well, while he was busy making my sale he took every call I made but once the puppy was with me, he was no longer ‘available to accept my call.’ In 2007, I decided it was time to try again. This time I researched the breeders and am happy to say I went with Randy. My entire experience with Proffer has been a great one. My puppy arrived healthy and has grown into a magnificent male. But the thing I like most about Proffer is even 3 years after my purchase, when I call, he always makes me feel like he is glad to hear from me. He’s genuine! Randy has my utmost respect and I highly recommend his kennel to anyone considering a Boerboel.”

M. Myer; Tennessee

“I would first like to thank you for all your help (and availability) with our purchase of Leeloo. This is my first experience buying from a breeder, and Zach and my first experience with a Boerboel (we have adopted all of our dogs previously). You have set the bar very high! I hope that other people have this good of an experience when buying their puppies. Thank you for letting Zach and I come see the kennel and your dogs first before we decided to buy her. This meant a lot to us and really put us at ease knowing Leeloo was having such a great start to her life!  All of my phone calls with questions before and after we picked her up were always returned in a very timely manner, and Lord knows I had a few!  Thank you again!”

R. Bobrowicz; Arizona

“We purchased out first Boerboel puppy from Proffers’ Kennel in June of 2007. The process of purchasing Andre was very professional and thorough. Randy interviewed us about our past history of dog ownership to ensure that we had experience with headstrong breeds. Randy impressed us with his love of his dogs, he invested considerable time and several phone conversations to be sure we could give his dog the type of home he wanted for it. The transfer of ownership was handled completely by Proffer’s Kennel; they set up all the air transportation arrangements necessary for receipt of our puppy. Over the last three years we have driven Randy nuts with questions about Boerboel ownership and training. With the patience of a saint, Randy has coached us through our first Boerboel “experience” so thoroughly that in May of 2010 we adopted a second Boerboel puppy from his kennel. We can recommend Proffers’ Kennel with the highest of confidence. Their professionalism, depth of knowledge and support is beyond compare!  We have dealt with various breeders over the years, but our experience with Proffers’ is in another league altogether.  We consider Randy Proffers to be a ‘Breeders Breeder’.”

J. Moody; California

“I’d like to start by saying I’m 64 years old and have had dogs of different breeds most all my life.  In all those years I have NEVER seen an operation as professional as Proffers’.  From my very first call to the moment I stepped out his door to an immediate overview of his kennels, it is simply quality unsurpassed. I’m glad to pass on a little of the 64 years “young” wisdom to anyone interested in Boerboels; call all the breeders you want THEN call Proffers’.  The difference speaks for itself.”

S. Fontaine; Louisiana

“Our experience with Proffers’ Kennel began with a very detailed and thorough description of the Boerboel breed by Randy. We decided on the piebald male named Enoch. After driving 10 hours, we were amazed at the sheer quality and craftsmanship of the kennels. We were given a lengthy tour of the grounds and were able to view all the Boerboels on site. The ease of getting our new puppy was wonderful! Since returning home, we have received numerous calls from Randy regarding the well-being and status of our boy. We are very, very pleased with the quality of our puppy and how he is growing at a fantastic rate. Proffer’s Kennel is one for the record books and I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in getting a high quality and awesome specimen of the Boerboel breed. Thanks Randy and Proffer’s Kennel for your dedication, hard work and preservation of this magnificent breed.”

M. Williams; Louisiana

“I want to thank Randy and Robin for helping me land my boerboel. I called and talked to Randy about his boy ‘Judge’.  I have been talking to Randy for years.  During all those conversations Randy was patient and informative and some of our conversations lasted nearly an hour! Needless to say, ‘Judge’ is healthy and just what Randy told me he would be.  Proffer’s is a first class operation and I look forward to doing more with them in the future.”

G. Collins; California

“After a great deal of research on different breeders of the South African Boerboel, we found that Proffers’ Kennel in Marble Hill, MO was the right choice for us. Both Randy and Robin take great pride in the puppies their dogs produce. In January 2012, Bodie joined our family and has grown into a magnificent male.  He is one of the smartest yet funniest dogs we have ever had, not to mention an outstanding protector. Bodie comes from Proffer Sassy and Tovic Basie. We have been so impressed with him that our second puppy, Diamond Lily is soon to arrive. Lily comes from Allens Raven and Proffer Rogue. We have always been appreciative for the loyalty and respect received from Randy & Robin. Following our ownership of Bodie and now Lily, the Proffers have become long distance friends. Thank you both for giving us a wonderful experience in owning a South African Boerboel!”

M. Black; New Mexico

“I purchased a female boerboel from Robin & Randy. I have owned a boerboel before and was looking for a particular type and personality. I did an enormous amount of research before deciding on Proffers’ Kennel. I called and talked with Randy and found him to be extremely knowledgable about the breed and very dedicated to the quality, temperment and consistancy of his dogs. He was a wealth of information and gave it freely. He was also quite entertaining with his many stories of dogs and Africa. I described the type and temperment of the dog I was looking for and sent pictures of my previous boerboel. Although I waited through two litters, he finally picked my puppy. Then Robin stepped in and kept me updated on her progress with pictures and information.  Many phone calls were exchanged; it was a fun wait. My puppy arrived in very good health. I waited 3 weeks before writing this testimonial to see what kind of pup I really had. Randy and Robin couldn’t have made a better match and I couldn’t be more pleased! It was a lovely experience and I highly recommend Proffers’ Kennel.”